Forest Block Maintenance

Once you have invested money in planting trees, regular maintenance is vital to ensure the best returns from that investment.



Thinning is an essential part of stand maintenance to generate the maximum income from your forest. By removing the less desirable trees early the higher value trees benefit from reduced competition for light water and nutrients. Our skilled chainsaw thinning crew will add value to your forest stand with a high-quality thinning operation.



There is still a premium to be had for pruned logs and the only way to obtain this premium is to prune at the right time. PF Olsen can provide professional advise about the best pruning regime for you and our pruning crews can deliver a high quality job.

AFM implements significant 1st and 2nd lift pruning operations annually at Rabbit Island.


Nutrient Analysis

Ongoing nutrient management is essential to prevent poor health in trees. Foliar sampling and analysis allow deficiencies to be corrected before they cause a reduction in growth or damage the timber quality of the tree. We offer the service of collecting samples and PF Olsen can arrange for laboratory analysis and interpreting the results to make recommendations for remedial fertilising if necessary.


Fire Control Knowledge

AFM staff have considerable fire control management experience both here and overseas. We know the most effective ways of ensuring our operations are fire safe when working in your forest.